Developing and integrating novel technologies to improve safety, transparency and quality assurance of the chilled/frozen food supply chain - test case fish and poultry (Chill-On)

Chill-On is a large scale intergrating project with 28 participating institutions from Europe, China and South America. Chill-On is part of the European Commission 6th Framework Programme - Food Quality and Safety.

The main goal of the CHILL-ON Integrated Project is the improvement of quality and safety information, transparency and traceability of the chilled/frozen supply food chain by developing cost effective technologies, devices and approaches for continuous monitoring and recording of the relevant data and processing the data for information management throughout the entire supply chain.

The Risk Assessment Work Package coordinated by the Wessex Institute of Technology includes the following specific tasks: (i) Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment and implementation of novel/quantitative modules in the Decision Support System; (ii) Improvement of packaging design, transport and storage (3D models of heat and mass transfer including food structure and mixed culture modelling); (iii) Risk assessment for the Chill On concept; (iv) Supply Chain Assessment.

fish_pic.jpg cod_pic.jpg

Temperature distribution in cod filets transported in a styrofoam box.