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An efficient FEM-BEM procedure for the multi-frequency acoustical analysis of lined ducts containing passive components
R. Maréchal, E. Perrey-Debain, J.-M. Ville & B. Nennig - 2010

On the efficiency of the method of fundamental solutions for acoustic scattering by a poroelastic material
B. Nennig, E. Perrey-Debain & J.-D. Chazot - 2010

Motion of nanoscale contaminant particles in air bearings under electrostatic charges: a case study
B. W. Yeigh, R. H. Polwort & G. S. Gipson - 2009

Modelling of protective potential distribution in a cathodic protection system using a coupled BEM/FEM method
A. Muharemović, H. Zildžo & E. Letić - 2008

Initial stress formulation for three-dimensional elastoplastic analysis by the triple-reciprocity boundary element method
Y. Ochiai - 2007

Explicit formulations for advanced Green's functions with built-in boundaries
G. S. Gipson & B. W. Yeigh - 2006

FEM and BEM analysis of structural welds for design certification purposes
R. E. Dippery & J. P. Leiva - 2005

Magnetic field shielding of underground power cables in urban areas: a real-life example
L. Battistelli, A. Geri & G. M. Veca - 2005

The direct application of FFT algorithms on the synthesis of non-uniformly spaced arrays
A. J. R. Azevedo, X. F. Ren & A. M. E. S. Casimiro - 2005

A study of the direct and indirect BEM
M. Vable & B.A. Ammons - 1995

New developments in the dual reciprocity method
P.W. Partridge - 1995

Exact Green's functions and the boundary element method
F.J. Rizzo, P.A. Martin, L. Pan & D. Zhang - 1995

System identification by the analog equation method
J.T. Katsikadelis - 1995

The stability properties of time domain elastodynamic boundary element methods
E. Siebrits & A.P. Peirce - 1995

Subtraction of singularities using boundary elements
R.N.L. Smith - 1995

The quite general BEM for strongly non-linear problems
S.-J. Liao - 1995

Boundary strip method (BSM) applied to non periodic geometrical entities
O. Michael, J. Avrashi & G. Rosenhouse - 1995

Improved convergence rates for some discrete Galerkin methods
M.A. Golberg - 1995

The local assembled form of MLGFM
P.T.R. de Mendonca, W.H. Warner & C.S. de Barcellos - 1995

Sample point error estimation for plane quasi-harmonic equations
E. Kita & N. Kamiya - 1995

A domain embedding method and the quasi- Monte Carlo method for Poisson's equation
C.S. Chen & M.A. Golberg - 1995

An adaptive boundary element for the problem with mixed boundary condition
N. Kamiya, Y. Aikawa & K. Kawaguchi - 1995

The gauge conditions for singular integrals: a powerful concept for BEM analysis
D.E. Cormack & D. Rosen - 1995

Recent developments in the use of boundary element methods for the analysis of plate bending problems
J.L. Wearing - 1995

Elastoplastic BEM to model concrete slabs
L.H.M. Chueiri & W.S. Venturini - 1995

Boundary element formulations for material models with degradation of the elastic moduli
C. Polizzotto - 1995

Generalized plane strain elasticity problems
A.H.-D. Cheng, J.J. Rencis & Y. Abousleiman - 1995

Analysis of plates with variable thickness by the analog equation method
M.S. Nerantzaki - 1995

A procedure for the semi-analytical evaluation of generally singular integrals that occur in the three-dimensional boundary element analysis
N.A. Dumont - 1995

Three dimensional elastodynamic formulation with domain initial conditions
H.B. Coda & W.S. Venturini - 1995

Green's tensors for solids of general anisotropy
C.-Y. Wang - 1995

A boundary element solution to the vibration problem of bidimensional structures on a wide frequency range
M. Viktorovitch, L. Jezequel & F. Thouverez - 1995

A Green's function of the elastodynamic half-plane and its application to the time-domain boundary element method
C. Richter & G. Schmid - 1995

A variable stiffness plasticity dual boundary element formulation for fracture mechanics
M.H. Aliabadi, S. Corradi & M. Marchetti - 1995

Analysis of singularities in composite materials by BEM
F. Paris, A. Blazquez, J. Canas & V. Mantic - 1995

Three dimensional surface cracks
D. Delia-Ventura & R.N.L. Smith - 1995

Boundary-integral equation analysis of electron beam moire fringe patterns
J.R. Berger & G.G.W. Mustoe - 1995

Dual boundary element analysis of anisotropic crack problems
P. Sollero & M.H. Aliabadi - 1995

Non-Fourier heat conduction: a boundary element solution of the hyperbolic heat conduction equation
R.S. Nordlund & A.J. Kassab - 1995

Heat transfer to a bubble in a liquid layer near a solid plate in a finite cell
L. Huang, D. Rumschitzki & Z. Dagan - 1995

Stresses and velocities in time domain BEM analysis
W.J. Mansur & J.A.M. Carrer - 1995

Time dependent boundary element method solution of the hyperbolic heat conduction equation
D. Priedeman & A.J. Kassab - 1995

A boundary integral formulation to an inverse solidification design problem
J.I. Frankel - 1995

BEM solution of the inverse geometric problem - experimental results
A.J. Kassab, J- Pollard, C.K. Hsieh & L.C. Chew - 1995

A boundary element inverse approach for determining residual stress and contact pressure
F. Zhang, A.J. Kassab & D.W. Nicholson - 1995

Mathematical methods for imaging cardiac electrical activity from remote-sensing data
D.S. Khoury & G.F. Marks - 1995

Dynamic overshoot in fracture mechanics
D.P. Rooke - 1995

Dynamic responses around local irregularities of uniformly long structures in solid
S. Hirose - 1995

Enhanced boundary element simulation of three-dimensional fracture interaction
J.A.L. Napier & E. Siebrits - 1995

A boundary element implementation of the substructure deletion method
E. de Mesquita Neto, E. Romanini & B.R. de Pontes, Jr - 1995

A BEM-FEM approach to unilateral contact problem of dynamic soil-pile interaction
A. Liolios, S. Tsalkatidis & S. Logothetidis - 1995

Coating integrity effects on impressed current cathodic protection system parameters
V.G. DeGiorgi & C.P. Hamilton - 1995

An application of the LTDRM to non-linear transient heat conduction problems
P. Satravaha & S. Zhu - 1995

Galvanic corrosion predictions of roof systems at Walt Disney World
B.M. Butler, A.J. Kassab, M.B. Chopra, & V. Desai - 1995

Analysis of a valve body using 2D and 3D models - introducing BEM into the classroom
R.E. Dippery, Jr & T.C. Wang - 1995

Two-dimensional linearly-layered potential flow by boundary elements
G.S. Gipson, J.C. Ortiz & R.P. Shaw - 1995

Incorporation of the local three-dimensional flow in the plane BEM to model complex groundwater supply-systems
I. David & H. Gerdes - 1995

Numerical investigation of shape of liquid droplets in an electric field
K. Adamiak - 1995

Regularization method for deconvolution problems in soil dynamics
J.T. Chen, L.Y. Chen & H.-K. Hong - 1995

A study of reaction-diffusion problems for domains bounded by periodic source/sink distributions on planar surfaces: an application to microelectrode processes
S.K. Lucas & H.A. Stone - 1995

Eigenvalue analysis schemes and boundary formulations: recent developments
N. Kamiya & E. Andoh - 1995

A perturbation boundary element method for combined refraction-diffraction of water waves with reflection
Y. Tang & Y. Ouellet - 1995

Boundary element solutions to wave scattering by surface irregularities on a fluid-solid interface
S. Shenoy, T.J. Rudolphi & F.J. Rizzo - 1995

Simulations of hydrodynamic interactions among immersed particles in Stokes flow using a massively parallel computer
M.S. Ingber, D.E. Womble & L.A. Mondy - 1995

Stress failure analysis of neck breakage of cathode ray tube
C.Y. Cha, S.V. Iyer & J. Trevelyan - 1995

Comparative study of mixing in twin screw extruders using the boundary element method
P.J. Gramann, A.C. Rios & T.A. Osswald - 1995

A non-Newtonian simulation method for moving boundary problems using DRM/BEM
B.A. Davis & T.A. Osswald - 1995

Effect of adsorbed polymers on relative permeability and capillary pressure: a pore scale numerical study
P. Barreau, D. Lasseux, H. Berlin & A. Zaitowf - 1995

Boundary element analysis of cavitation in thin fluid films considering the effect of a surface layer
Q. Yu & T.G. Keith, Jr - 1995

A numerical model for 2-D sloshing of pseudo- viscous liquids in horizontally accelerated rectangular containers
V.J. Romero & M.S. Ingber - 1995

Optimum aquifer management by genetic algorithm and boundary element method
K. El Harrouni, D. Ouazar, A.H.-D. Cheng & G.A. Walters - 1995

Free surfaces in Stokes flow
D.B. Ingham & Y. Yuan - 1995

A spectral boundary element approach for the three dimensional Stokes equations applied to free surface flows
J.J.L. Higdon & G.P. Muldowney - 1995

Simulation of the buoyancy-driven motion of a drop in a Hele-Shaw cell by the boundary integral method
A. Nadim, A. Borhan & H. Haj-Hariri - 1995

Marangoni effects on drop deformation in an extensional flow: the role of surfactant physical chemistry
Y. Pawar & K.J. Stebe - 1995

A boundary integral formulation for elastic particles in Stokes flows
N. Phan-Thien & X.-J. Fan - 1995

BEM simulations of fluidic self-assembly
I. Mustakis & S. Kim - 1995

Boundary integral simulations of bubble growth and detachment in a tube
H.N. Oguz & J. Zeng - 1995

A front tracking method for direct simulations of multiphase flows
G. Tryggvason, A. Esmaeeli, D. June, S. Nas & M. Saeed - 1995

Flow of capsules into small pores
C. Queguiner & D. Barthes-Biesel - 1995

The creeping motion of pendant bubbles at a capillary tip: theory and experiment
H. Wong, D. Rumschitzki & C. Maldarelli - 1995

A boundary element analysis of Stokes flow past a porous body of arbitrary shape
J. Richardson & H. Power - 1995

A continuum surface model for flows driven by interfacial tension gradients
H. Raj-Hariri, Q. Shi & A. Borhan - 1995

An alternative boundary element formulation for plate bending analysis
J.B. Paiva & L.O. Neto - 1995

Modeling of fractured reservoirs using the boundary element method
M.F. Lough, S.H. Lee & J. Kamath - 1995

Elastic-plastic model of crack growth under fatigue using the boundary element method
M. Scibetta & O. Pensis - 1995

Interaction effects of multiple cracks during fatigue growth
A.M. Yan & H. Nguyen-Dang - 1995

A path-independent integral for the calculation of stress intensity factors in three-dimensional bodies
C.M. Bainbridge, M.H. Aliabadi & D.P. Rooke - 1995

Application of Trefftz method to 3D potential problem and its sensitivity analysis
E. Kita, N. Kamiya & Y. Ikeda - 1995

The transmission line modelling method and the BEM for shape optimization in Poisson's problem
J. Lobry, C. Broche & J. Trecat - 1995

Thermal conduction in phasor notation
G. De Mey - 1995

Sensitivity coefficients for BEM inverse analysis of continuous casting
R. Bialecki, A. Fie & A.J. Nowak - 1995

An introduction to the boundary element method in electromagnetism: physical basis and applications
A. Nicolet - 1995

Boundary element method applied to the computation of the temperature distribution during the casting process of electrical insulation parts of thermosets
I.O. Vlase & D. Konig - 1995

The coupling of boundary elements and finite elements for the solution of 3D electromagnetic and electromechanical problems using iteration schemes
J. Fetzer, S. Kurz & G. Lehner - 1995

A coupled BEM-FEM for molecular electrostatics with electrolyte effects
M.D. Marcozzi - 1995

Time dependent integral method for Maxwell's system with impedance boundary condition
A. Bachelot & V. Lange - 1995

A boundary element formulation for transient thermoelastic fracture
N.N.V. Prasad, M.H. Aliabadi & D.P. Rooke - 1995

Boundary element formulation for 2D Stokes flow with filtration barriers
R. Mingo & H. Power - 1995

Domain decomposition methods for vorticity transport equation in boundary domain integral method
M. Hribersek & L. Skerget - 1995

A boundary element solution of Oseen flow past a solid body
J. Richardson & H. Power - 1995

Analysis of complex fluid-structure interaction problems using a triangular boundary element for the fluid dynamics
A. Hopf, G. Hailfmger & R. Krieg - 1995

A generalized boundary element model for fluid- structure interaction modelling
J.P. Coyette - 1995

Coupling of boundary integral methods with dual finite element methods for electromagnetic field computation
Z. Ren & A. Razek - 1995

Domain decomposition technique using the boundary spectral strip method
J. Avrashi, O. Michael & G. Rosenhouse - 1995

Combination of boundary element method and module element method to solve problems of hydroelastic oscillations of complex structures
N.A. Taranukha & V.A. Postnov - 1995

The use of BEM in the cavity growth calculation of an underground gasifier at great depth
P. Pirlot, A. Coeme, M. Mostade & J.P. Pirard - 1995

The advantages of object-oriented modelling for BEM coding demonstrated for 2D Laplace, Poisson, and diffusion problems using dual reciprocity methodology
J. Friedrich - 1995

A boundary element model for waves interaction with porous structures
J.F. Lee - 1995

A two-dimensional BEM formulation for acoustic radiation under a uniform subsonic flow
L.A. de Lacerda, L.C. Wrobel & W.J. Mansui - 1995

'E' can mean eigenfunction in BEM
R.P. Shaw - 1994

Corrosion cells and first estimates of crevice corrosion behavior
V.G. DeGiorgi - 1994

Combined Laplace transform and dual reciprocity method for solving time-dependent diffusion equations with nonlinear source terms
S. Zhu & P. Satravaha - 1994

A convection-diffusion-migration BEM model applied to multi-ion electrochemical systems
Z.H. Qiu, L.C. Wrobel & H. Power - 1994

The boundary element method applied to simulation of active vibration control
M. Tanaka, T. Matsumoto & L. Huang - 1994

Vibration and sound radiation by baffled and constrained shells
P.-O. Mattel - 1994

Acoustic diagnostic analysis using boundary elements
R.A. Adey, S.M. Niku, J. Baynham & P. Burns - 1994

Exact and approximate formulations for acoustic radiation
D.J.W. Hardie - 1994

Invited Paper Coupling heat radiation in cavities with nonlinear heat conduction
R.A. Bialecki - 1994

Modelling microwave heating with DRBEM
Y. Zhang, T.R. Marchant & S. Zhu - 1994

Comparison of boundary elements and transformed finite elements for open magnetic problems
J.F. Remacle, A. Nicolet, A. Genon & W. Legros - 1994

A BEM approach for grounding grid computation
I. Colominas, F. Navarrina & M. Casteleiro - 1994

Keynote Address Solving inverse heat transfer problems by BEM - General concepts and recent developments
K. Kurpisz & A.J. Nowak - 1994

Keynote Address Inverse analysis by boundary element method
S. Kobayashi - 1994

Three dimensional flaw identification using sensitivity analysis
S.C. Mailings & M.H. Aliabadi - 1994

Noise induced inside a cavity by an external turbulent boundary layer
P.J.T. Filippi & D. Mazzoni - 1994

Keynote Address The analog equation method - a powerful BEM-based solution technique for solving linear and nonlinear engineering problems
J.T. Katsikadelis - 1994

Trefftz boundary formulation for obtaining generalized eigenvalue problem of the Helmholtz equation
N. Kamiya, S.-T. Wu & Y. Ikeda - 1994

Iterative solutions of boundary integral equations
S. Amini & N.D. Maines - 1994

Improvement of quadrature for nearly singular integrals in 3D-BEM
K. Hayami & H. Matsumoto - 1994

Transition boundary elements for square-root singularities on curves
J.C. Mason - 1994

The dual reciprocity boundary element method applied to a classical transient heat conduction problem
F. Chen - 1994

Keynote Address Adaptive boundary element scheme by sample point error analysis and its extension
N. Kamiya, M. Koide, Y. Aikawa & K. Kawaguchi - 1994

Simplified h-hierarchical interpolation functions for three-dimensional elasticity
A.C. Neves & L.C. Wrobel - 1994

Invited Paper Large scale problems - efficiency, accuracy and adapt ivity
J.J. Grannell - 1994

A systematic derivation of h-hierarchical functions for two- and three-dimensional problems
A. Charafi & L.C. Wrobel - 1994

Boundary element analysis of Cosserat continuum
N. Tosaka & S. Yamashita - 1994

Invited Paper The application of the boundary element method to a time dependent inverse heat conduction problem
D.B. Ingham & Y. Yuan - 1994

A boundary element subregioning scheme for plate bending analysis
J.L. Wearing & O. Bettahar - 1994

Boundary element analysis of thick free-edge plates on a generalized elastic foundation
S. Fadhil & A. El-Zafrany - 1994

A FBEM-formulation for hyperelastic and elastoplastic problems at finite strains
G. Kuhn & A. Foerster - 1994

An integrated design tool for the simulation of microstructures with BEASY
A. Lahrmann - 1994

Cracking of strain softening material
A.L. Saleh & M.H. Aliabadi - 1994

Inconsistency of the regularization of singular integrals after discretization
V. Sladek & J. Sladek - 1994

Fractional contact problems with non conforming discretizations using BEM
A. Blazquez, F. Paris & J. Canas - 1994

Non-conform discretisation of the contact region applied to two-dimensional boundary element method
A. Huesmann & G. Kuhn - 1994

Keynote Address Modelling requirements for fracture mechanics
D.P. Rooke - 1994

Keynote Address Shape differentiation and boundary integral equations: application to energy methods in fracture mechanics
M. Bonnet - 1994

Invited Paper Cracking and fracture of particle reinforced composite materials
M.B. Bush - 1994

Solving plate bending problems by the analog equation method
M.S. Nerantzaki - 1994

Bridging forces analysis in composite laminate tensile fracture by boundary element method
S. Corradi, M. Marchetti & J. Kenny - 1994

A new boundary element formulation for crack analysis
W.S. Venturini - 1994

The dual boundary element method for growing cracks allowing for crack curvature near the tip
W.S. Blackburn & W.S. Hall - 1994

Semi-analytical integration method for 3D near-hypersingular integrals
Y. Mi & M.H. Aliabadi - 1994

A boundary element superposition method for the evaluation of singular coefficients and indices in V-notched plates
R.N.L. Smith & D. Delia-Ventura - 1994

Application of BEM to elastoplastic contact problems
D. Martin, M.H. Aliabadi and V.M.A. Leitao - 1994

Application of a combined boundary integral and finite element approach to transient scattering of elastic waves by a crack in a half-space
S.-W. Liu & J.-C. Sung - 1994

Analysis of interface crack in a bi-material based on body force method
A. Saimoto, H. Nisitani & D.-H. Chen - 1994

A fictitious stress and displacement discontinuity method for dynamic crack problems
P.H. Wen, M.H. Aliabadi & D.P. Rooke - 1994

Boundary element analysis of cracked stiffened panels
N.K. Salgado & M.H. Aliabadi - 1994

Substructure deletion method: a boundary element approach for elastodynamic problems
R. Betti - 1994

Integral equation formulation for a singular biharmonic problem
J. Steinberg - 1994

A hybrid displacement variational formulation of BEM for elastodynamics
G. Davi & A. Milazzo - 1994

Dynamic stress intensity factors in mixed-mode: time-domain formulation
P. Fedelinski, M.H. Aliabadi & D.P. Rooke - 1994

Dynamic response analysis of 3-D elastic systems by an improved frequency domain BEM
S.E. Kattis, D. Polyzos & D.E. Beskos - 1994

On the calculation of natural frequencies of microstructures using the DRBEM
T.R. Bridges & L.C. Wrobel - 1994

Modelling of non linear soil-structure interface behaviour using BEM
M. Boulon & P. Garnica - 1994

A hypersingular Green's function generation for fracture mechanics problems
J.C.F. Telles, G.S. Castor & S. Guimaraes - 1994

Dynamic cross-interaction of rigid foundations to obliquely incident SH seismic waves
J. Qian & D.E. Beskos - 1994

Boundary elements in sensitivity analysis and identification with respect to stochastic shape parameters of uncertain elastic solids
T. Burczynski - 1994

Design sensitivity analysis of three-dimensional elastostatic solids using the boundary integral equation method
Z. Erman & R.T. Fenner - 1994

Finite elements in combination with infinite boundary elements for concrete arch dam-foundation analysis
X. Lu & Q. Du - 1994

A combined boundary element and finite strip solution - BSM
O. Michael, J. Avrashi & G. Rosenhouse - 1994

Dynamic response of 2-D elastoplastic structures by a BEM/FEM scheme
G.D. Pavlatos, D.E. Beskos & D.L. Karabalis - 1994

A simplified boundary element approach for heat transfer in aerospace applications
L.A. Ali & J.J. Rencis - 1994

Invited paper Practical aspects of developing heat radiation BEM code
R.A. Bialecki & L. Grela - 1994

A triple reciprocity boundary element method for transient heat conduction analysis
M.S. Ingber - 1994

An orthogonal-collocation integral formulation for transient radiative transport
J.I. Frankel - 1994

Applications of subregion boundary element technology in internal combustion engine
Y. Qian, J. Xiao & R. Lu - 1994

On the use of trenches and walls on the control of ground transmitted railway vibrations
J. Mateo & E. Alarcon - 1994

Boundary element method for an improperly posed problem in unsteady heat conduction
D. Lesnic, L. Elliott & D.B. Ingham - 1994

Detection of cavities by an inverse elastostatics boundary element method: experimental results
A.J. Kassab, F.A. Moslehy & A. Daryapurkar - 1994

BEM analysis of transient electromagnetic fields based on vector potentials
H. Kawaguchi & T. Honma - 1994

Electromagnetic radiation from dielectric and conducting bodies of revolution in the presence of arbitrary surfaces
T. Durham & C. Christodoulou - 1994

Numerical simulation of electromagnetic levitation melting process considering temperature dependence
H. Kawaguchi & T. Honma - 1994

BEM analysis of melting problems
W. DeLima-Silva, Jnr. & L.C. Wrobel - 1994

A complete multiple reciprocity approximation for the non-permanent Stokes flow
H. Power - 1994

Analysis of cavitation in dynamically loaded journal bearings using a boundary element method
Q. Yu & T.G. Keith, Jr. - 1994

Application of the DRBEM to the solution of viscous fluid flow in a channel
C.P. Rahaim & A.J. Kassab - 1994

2-D time domain BEM for scattering of elastic waves in anisotropic solids
C.-Y. Wang & J.D. Achenbach - 1994

Application of the boundary element method to measurement of residual stress
F. Zhang, A.J. Kassab & D.W. Nicholson - 1994

Inverse determination of temperatures and heat fluxes on inaccessible surfaces
T.J. Martin & G.S. Dulikravich - 1994

Model analysis of plates using the dual reciprocity boundary element method
T.W. Davies & F.A. Moslehy - 1994

Application of the BEM to problems of elastoplasticity and nonlinear soil consolidation
M.B. Chopra & G.F. Dargush - 1994

3-D foundation-soil-foundation interaction
D.L. Karabalis & C.F.D. Huang - 1994

Elastoplastic dual boundary elements: application to crack problems
V. Leitao, M.H. Aliabadi & D.P. Rooke - 1994

A boundary element method for multiple crack problems based on micromechanics and complex variables
M. Denda & Y.-F. Dong - 1994

Nonlinear free-surface flow around a yawed ship
Y. Tahara & J. Longo - 1994

Application of the dual reciprocity method to acoustic radiation in a subsonic nonuniform flow
L. Lee & T.W. Wu - 1994

Pointwise error estimates for boundary element calculations
V. Zarikian, L.J. Gra & G.H. Paulino - 1994

Fundamental tensors for the boundary element method with general three-dimensional elastic anisotropy
A.J. DiNicola - 1994

Invited paper Green's function approach to some nonlinear problems in applied mechanics
Y.A. Melnikov - 1994

Matrices of Green's type for the equation of potential on joined surfaces of revolution
Y.A. Melnikov, K.L. Shirley & A.J. Worsey - 1994

Boundary element methods: tool design application
R.E. Dippery, Jnr & M.R. Torpey - 1994

The method of fundamental solutions for Poisson's equation
M.A. Golberg - 1994

Analysis of singular and near-singular integrals by the continuation approach
D. Rosen & D.E. Cormack - 1994

Invited paper Galvanic corrosion prediction of bimetallic connections
V.G. DeGiorgi - 1994

A BEM model for convection- diffusion- migration problems in binary electrolytes
Z.H. Qiu, L.C. Wrobel & H. Power - 1994

Numerical calculation of secondary current distribution in a two-dimensional electrochemical cell with a non-uniform resistive electrode
H. Kawamoto - 1994

Dual boundary element analysis of the multiple-cracked body
H. Nguyen-Dang, A.-M. Yan & N. Moes - 1994

A new regularization method for computing interior displacements and stresses in 3D-BEM
C. Fiedler - 1994

Invited paper Analysis of stray current corrosion problems using the boundary element method
J. Trevelyan & H.P. Hack - 1994

The boundary element method for the solution of slow flow problems for which a paradoxical situation arises
L. Elliott, D.B. Ingham & T.B.A. El Bashir - 1994

A BEM solution to simulate the curvature driven deformation of a profile that is pressed into a plate of hot glass
G.A.L. van de Vorst - 1994

A unified dual reciprocity method for both internal and external non-permanent Stokes flow
J. Richardson & H. Power - 1994

A new formulation of 3-dimensional incompressible viscous flow and magnetic analysis at low Reynolds number by boundary element method
R. Kawamura - 1994

One equation turbulence model by BEM
Z. Rek & L. Skerget - 1994

Flow of a gas in a multi-layer porous media
V. Popov & H. Power - 1994

GMRES and conjugate gradient methods in boundary-domain integral method
M. Hribersek & L. Skerget - 1994

Diffusion-convection problems using boundary-domain integral formulation for non-uniform flows
I. Zagar, L. Skerget & A. Alujevic - 1994

A study of wing-body aerodynamic interference by the method of singularities
L.C. Santos - 1994

On the infinite regions in the boundary element method
A.G. Terentiev - 1994

A direct boundary element formulation for the evolution of the radial finger at the interface between two viscous liquids
H. Power - 1994

Further applications of optimization techniques to free boundary problems
A. Naji, D. Ouazar & L.C. Wrobel - 1994

BEM and IEM applied to seepage problems. Some comparisons.
E.V. da Veiga, J.M.P. Marado, N. Haie, J.C. Marques & J.B. Martins - 1994

A boundary element solution of non-permanent Stokes flow in the frequency domain
J. Richardson & H. Power - 1994

Space and time derivatives in transient BEM analysis of scalar wave propagation problems
J.A.M. Carrer & W.J. Mansur - 1994

Application of the boundary element method for analysis of scattering interactions between a sonar receiving array and neighbouring structures
A. Monsallier, F. Lanteri & C. Audoly - 1994

Green's functions for stochastic heterogeneous media
G.D. Manolis & R.P. Shaw - 1994

Diffracted sound field due to noise barriers
S.J. Hsiao & L.H. Huang - 1994

Performance study of 3D integral equation computations on massively parallel computer
T.G. Logan & H. Hu - 1994

Domain regridding in the computation of nonlinear waves
R. Subramanya & S.T. Grilli - 1994

Three-dimensional analysis of potential flows using the boundary element method
A.M. Giroux & B. Masse - 1993

Solution of torsional problems by BEM
F. Chen - 1993

Panel method computational performance on CM-2 and iPSC/860 MPP machines
H. Hu & M. Soe - 1993

A boundary element formulation with Lagrangian particle description for two-dimensional nonlinear sloshing analysis
K. Abe & T. Kamio - 1993

Free jet analysis from nozzles of cross-flow turbine
H. Olgun, A. Ulkii & E. Demirci - 1993

Boundary element method in the analysis of the hydrodynamic assymetry at the flow round reversible axial cascades
I.N. Carte - 1993

Invited Paper Review of fundamental solutions for BEM in random waves
G.D. Manolis - 1993

Invited Paper Internal velocity field at incipient breaking of a solitary wave over a submerged dike
T. Yasuda, M. Hara, H. Mutsuda & A. Tada - 1993

Nonlinear wave modeling in very shallow water
S.T. Grilli & R. Subramanya - 1993

A vortex sheet approach to the nonlinear flow induced by a submerged line source or sink
E.M. Sozer & M.D. Greenberg - 1993

An evaluation of boundary element schemes for convection-diffusion problems
Z.H. Qiu, L.C. Wrobel & H. Power - 1993

Invited Paper Theoretical foundation for high-resolution modeling of thin fluid films with BEM
C.H.T. Pan & J.J. Rencis - 1993

The interaction of nonlinear gravity waves with fixed and floating structures
C. Haack, V. Schlegel & 0. Mahrenholtz - 1993

Keynote Address A history of boundary elements
R.P. Shaw - 1993

Invited Paper A new BEM formulation of acoustic scattering problems
M.A. Jaswon & S.I. Zaman - 1993

Coupling of FEM and BEM for the analysis of a structure-acoustic-cavity system
C.M. Lee, L.H. Royster & R.D. Ciskowski - 1993

Aquifer parameter identification using stochastic indirect boundary element method
0. Lafe & A.H.D. Cheng - 1993

Resolution of the pressure equation by the boundary element method in multistaged turbomachineries
E. Larrey, P. Ferrand & F. Leboeuf - 1993

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Convergence studies of the multiple reciprocity method
A.J. Nowak - 1993


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