Dr. John Baynham's graduate research focused on the use of finite element methods to investigate metal forming processes. This involved extensive development and use of numerical methods to solve engineering problems. Dr. Baynham also completed a period of post doctoral work where he developed a variety of numerical modelling routines to solve fluid-structure interaction problems with particular study on the dynamic behaviour of immersed structures. He is highly skilled in the areas of both finite element and boundary element technology.

Dr. Baynham has been employed by Computational Mechanics since 1982, where he has been involved in all phases of software development for the BEASY suite of analysis products. He has an extensive computer programming background and has experience with a large number of programming languages and development environments, including graphical user interfaces (FORTRAN, C, C++, Visual C++, X, Motif, Phigs, OpenGL, MFC, Visual Basic, Developer Studio). Dr. Baynham has extensive experience developing software for many types of computers, including UNIX machines (SUN, DEC, IBM RISC, HP, and SGI) and PCs.