Prof Jerry J Connor is WIT's representative in the Boston office and adjunct Professor of Ashurst Lodge. He is Professor of Civil Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is internationally renowned for his work in Software Engineering and Analytical Techniques. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of WIT.

His areas of specialisation include computational mechanics, structural analysis, motion based structural design, and novel design methodologies for structural systems. Dr. Connor served as a research engineer in the Applied Mechanics Branch at the Army Materials Research Agency from 1957 to 1962 where he was active in developing analysis methods for shell structures. From 1962 to present, he has been a member of the Faculty in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has taught courses in the fields of computational mechanics and structural engineering. He has also been active in supervising and conducting research concerned with the application of numerical computing to the investigation of structural behaviour and the fatigue and fracture of structural components used in civil infrastructure.

More recently Dr. Connor has become involved in motion based design and damage assessment of engineering materials and is directing a number of projects related to the applications of structural control to large civil structures as well as investigating methods to quantify damage in engineering materials. In addition to Dr. Connor�s work at M.I.T. he has served as a senior research scientist with Computational Mechanics since 1982. He is currently responsible for directing operations at Computational Mechanics and has been active in supervising the application of numerical modelling tools for various engineering applications, particularly in the area of damage assessment of structural systems. Dr. Connor is a registered professional structural engineer in Massachusetts and has received numerous awards and honours in the field of numerical structural mechanics. Dr. Connor has been the principal author of many books and served as an editor for numerous proceedings. He has also published an extensive list of technical papers.